Dan Rule: “Around the Galleries”

June 12 2010

From: The Age.

WHAT Chronox
WHERE Lamington Drive, 89 George Street, Fitzroy, 8060 9745,

While there is a technical, mathematical fascination to Chronox – the collaborative installation project of Lachlan Conn and Michael Prior – its resonance is one of a far more esoteric, otherworldly character. In the darkened gallery space, a ceiling-mounted data projector intermittently illuminates a loose, grid-like arrangement of geometrical sculptures on the floor with gently pulsing, spinning light configurations that drift in and out of phase. Three turntables, set in the far corners of the space, play vinyl records pressed with locked, fragmentary sound loops, their undulating rhythms finding an unlikely synchronicity with the projections and one another. The magic lies herein. Even when we change tracks on each of the record players – lift the stylus and lower it to another loop – a new, slightly altered synchronicity forms amid the shuffling sounds and soft, purple light. No matter the combination of sonic and ocular rhythms, this glowing world in miniature evidences a new, interlocked cadence. It is as if we’ve entered the unwitnessed mechanisms of time itself; a world in parallel, unaffected by the rotation of the globe and passing of the seasons. Chronox is a virtuality that transcends the arbitrary ticking of a clock. It is a world that exists between the cracks.

Wed to Fri 11am–6pm, Sat noon–5pm, until July 3.